After a Pagan Winter of centuries, during which the great tree of Paganism lay dormant under the snows of global and institutional religions, the Pagan Spring has arrived, and the tree wakes again.

Now on the great tree grows a new branch, Reform Paganism, and on that branch a first blossom: the New Living Tradition.

Reform Paganism is the once and future faith, a new branch of the timeless tree of Paganism; you can read more about Reform Paganism at (specifically for Pagans) and (specifically for non-Pagans).

The New Living Tradition—the first Reform Pagan path—aims to help each human spirit progress toward the unattainable but useful goal of personal perfection, to facilitate the progress of humanity toward communal exaltation in transhumanity, and to hone humankind’s shared spiritual understanding, all in accordance with the testimony first set forth in The Enchiridion of Aquarius: A New Living Handbook, even while we live within mainstream society of today.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again! Now and forevermore, blessed be.