About Our Tradition

The core of our particular Reform Pagan tradition is as follows:

  • We observe both the Wheel of the Year in its eight annual stations, the lunar cycles in their waxing and waning, and the devotional hours of each day, all with the intention of directing the focus of each step in our personal spiritual journeys.
  • We build egalitarian and open community that makes no distinction between clergy and laity on the basis of initiation or ordination but emphasizes intrapersonal serenity and interpersonal support and harmony through loving ministry.
  • We study all fields of human scholarship to find truth wherever it abides and critically reexamine our beliefs, however dearly or deeply held, all with an unquenchable desire for consilience, aiming at an honest and unified worldview.
  • We attune ourselves to the One All that is Nature, putting down roots in our allotted place and time, so that we and the All of Nature may prosper, even while we transcend  our circumstances, particularities, and limitations in the One of Nature.
  • We emphasize daily spiritual practice; personal and individual spiritual authority; and continuous and unceasing spiritual renewal, reform, growth, and testimony, which together enable us to flourish, living as spirits fully human.

You can read more about Reform Paganism and the New Living Tradition in The Enchiridion of Aquarius: A New Living Handbook.

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