Hibernal Solstice (Yule) 2016

On the occasion of the Hibernal Solstice, merry meet!

This sabbat gives us an opportunity to celebrate solidarity, hope, and patience—how fitting are these in our times!

As the year reaches the height of liturgical winter, outdoor temperatures continue falling toward their annual minima, and adverse conditions drive us to spend more time sharing shelter. May our need to come together to face the cold, frost, snow, and ice remind us that, particularly when the conditions of life seem harsh, we must work to strengthen the bonds of human community so that we might all continue to flourish.

Meanwhile, as the shortest day of the year passes, the sun, that brightest luminary that has inspired humankind throughout our history to lift our spirits to gaze upon the divine, begins its annual return. May hope increase in our spirits with the growing daylight.

Finally, many of the flora and fauna around us continue in dormancy, but we know that they will stir again soon. May we, accordingly, have patience through the seasons of life in which signs of spiritual growth are less apparent and more subtle, knowing that these seasons, no less than the others, are necessary for progress unto Perfection.

Merry part, and blessed be.