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Estival Passage (Beltane) 2017

On the occasion of the Estival Passage, merry meet!

This sabbat gives us an opportunity to celebrate passion, union, and creativity in all their forms and guises.

As the year enters our liturgical season of summer, the fullness of life animates the flora and fauna around us, while the days become noticeably longer, the sunshine appreciably brighter, the temperatures warmer, and the nights magical and refreshing. May Nature’s exuberance around us at this moment in the turning of the Wheel of the Year impassion our spirits.

The occasion is traditionally also a time for coming together in love, whether as romantic partners, as family, as friends, or simply as fellow persons. As we gather around Beltane bonfires or celebrate in other ways, therefore, may we rekindle all the varieties of love that unite us as human beings.

Finally, we notice that the seeds that germinated and sprouted in the spring are now rapidly growing to replenish the Earth in an abundance of colors, forms, textures, and scents that exceeds the capacities of our wildest imagining. Likewise, may the spiritual seeds we planted in our lives in seasons past now grow into something beautiful and strong—perhaps even unexpected—so we may have fruitful creativity and look forward to a bountiful harvest.

Merry part, and blessed be.